Getting started as a web developer

The internet is a huge part of everyday life from online banking, checking what’s on at the cinema to running an online business. it’s no wonder web development is a huge industry, but how do you get started in the first place? Is college / university the best route or going out on your own as a freelancer or working your way up as an apprentice?

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Top 50 Drupal Reference & Tutorial Sites

Updated January 17, 2014

Drupal is a free, open-source content management system and content management framework used by just over 2% of websites worldwide. The creation of Dries Buytaert, Drupal is used as the back-end system for sites of all kinds, ranging from blogs to Drupal allows web developers to build content management systems that include user account registration and maintenance, menu management, RSS feeds, page layout customization, and system administration.

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100 Awesome Webmaster Blogs by and for Women

Where are the women in the Web? In April 2007, Jeffrey Zeldman bemoaned the lack of women in the IT force, the lack of women speakers at conferences (including his own An Event Apart), and the lack of any information at all on the Web design industry. But, over four days through simple keyword searches and through reading blogs and other resources, we discovered at least one hundred women in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), public relations and marketing, design, business, social media and in IT. All these women have one thing in common – their work revolves around the Web.

The sum total of the Web women listed here represents just the tip of the iceberg on women involved with Web matters – although we agree with Zeldman that men seem to outnumber the women in this realm. With that said, the women we discovered are strong, talented, innovative and resourceful. And, many of them have joined forces to help each other and many other women. Since we restricted the list only to those women who maintain active blogs, we had to ignore such greats as Lynda Weinman,Rachel Andrew and Sas Jacobs. But, along the way, we discovered new resources and talents.

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Learn Programming Online, For Free: 75+ Open Courseware Collections from the Ivy League and Beyond

Do you want to grow up to be a programmer? You have a choice. You can go off to one of the best computer science colleges, or you can learn the basics now at home. Whether you can learn those programming skills for free or not is the question. So, we went on a search for the most common and the most popular programming languages to see what we could find. We learned that you can learn every computer language known to mankind online through open source projects, free online tutorials, free eBooks and wikis.

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The Webmaster’s Guide to Better Health — 103 Tips and Resources

You probably made New Year resolutions, because — if nothing else — you’re superstitious. But, those resolutions don’t happen telepathically. You’ve got to make an effort to meet those goals at least halfway to fulfill them at least fifty percent. But the Webmaster has special problems, as this job requires long hours and a ton of frustrations. Those hours are filled with stressful clients, server emergencies, and browser incompatibilities. What do Webmasters do to stay healthy, both physically and mentally?

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