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Green web hosting refers to selecting a web hosting provider that considers the environmental impacts of the hosting business and chooses to mediate some of these effects. The primary facet of the green web host is the method by which they power their operation. Hosts can buy renewable energy certificates, which insure that the power they use to run the operation has been generated in a green manner. Some hosts generate their own power directly from renewable energy. Other hosts purchase carbon credits to offset the energy that they use.

Most Popular Green Web Hosting Plans & Coupons

The following are the most popular green web hosting plans (and the related promo codes) among WHdb's visitors:

Provider Monthly Price Green Details Bandwidth Review Coupon
Free "All websites hosted by are placed on servers that solely run on power from windmills." Unlimited Read 5 GB hosting. One year FREE. Click Here.

$5.95 "Our green servers use 40 percent less power than conventional SATA drives. That means you can enjoy guaranteed performance while keeping Mother Nature in mind." Unlimited Read Get 2 months FREE when you migrate to ServerPronto. Click Here.

$3.96 "HostGator has purchased certified Renewable Energy Credits representing 130% of the electricity used to both power and cool every last one of our shared and reseller servers." Unlimited Read 20% off hosting. Click here!

A2 Hosting
$5.99 "Since 2007, we've been partnered with, a leader in the fight against global warming. We've supported their worthy efforts and have implemented our own green policies." Unlimited Read One-Click Install WordPress hosting for $5.99 per month! Click here.

$8.95 "To neutralize those unavoidable emissions we?ve invested in Emission Reduction Credits (a.k.a. 'offsets') which guarantee our remaining impact is effectively erased." Unlimited Read Use code "WHDB1FREE" when you order 2-years prepaid hosting and get 1 year for FREE

InMotion Hosting
$5.99 "By utilizing advanced Outside Air Cooling technology, we're cutting our cooling costs by nearly 70% and reducing our carbon output by more than 2,000 tons per year." Unlimited Read FREE domain with $5.95 business hosting - Click Here!

$10.95 "Atom 330 consumes 75% less energy than a Pentium 4 server." Unlimited Read 30% Off Web Hosting at! Click Here Now!

$3.95 "HostPapa has taken the initiative to "go green" by purchasing 100% green renewable energy to power our data centers, offices and more!" Unlimited Read 56% off hosting and FREE domain with code: FREEDOMAIN

$3.29 "iPage has reduced its carbon footprint by purchasing enough Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), to offset our energy use by 200%!" Unlimited Read 100% Eco Friendly Web Hosting Service -- iPage Web Hosting

1&1 UK
£4.99 "We have been using highly efficient power supplies with less than 20% heat loss, as well as omitting any unnecessary components within our servers." Unlimited Read 1&1 MyWebsite - Try for free!

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