Clustered Web Hosting Plans

Clustered web hosting is an innovative web hosting design as it spreads the hosting across several machines, or nodes. These nodes increase availability of resources and help ensure that one of your server tools do not affect the others in the event of a fault. With traditional systems that use a single physical machine to host multiple hosted web, database, and email servers, all it takes is failure of this one machine to jeopardize the system. These systems also have a finite capacity for traffic—making bursts of traffic or growing popularity a problem. Clustered web hosts lessen the risk of one failure shutting down the system by spreading services across multiple hardware machines.

Most Popular Clustered Web Hosting Plans & Coupons

The following are the most popular Clustered Web Hosting plans (and the related promo codes) among WHdb's visitors:

Provider Monthly Price Storage Bandwidth Review Coupon

$39.00 50 GB 250 GB Read $0 web hosting with no ad banners at Doteasy

$4.45 Unlimited Unlimited Read Special price: Only $2.99 per month. (Regularly $4.45)

$10.00 2 GB 20 GB Read 15% discount for managed clusters. Click here!
$11.95 Unlimited Unlimited Read Save 33% on hosting. Lock in the savings to get enterprise level hosting from for only $7.95 a month.

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