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Grid Web Hosting is a form of distributed hosting whereby the web space you rent is not located on one shared server or machine, but is more like a "virtual machine" which is hosted on a cluster of servers (a grid). Since resources on a single machine are limited and might run out, grid hosting is more flexible, as your virtual website could leverage resources from more machines in the cluster if necessary. This of course also increases reliability of the website, since the failure of one grid node doesn't matter as another server is able to take over in the event of a server failure

Most Popular Grid Web Hosting Plans & Coupons

The following are the most popular Grid Web Hosting plans (and the related promo codes) among WHdb's visitors:

Provider Monthly Price Storage Bandwidth Review Coupon

Go Daddy Web Hosting
$5.94 150 GB Unlimited Read 20% off Premium SSL Certificates from!

Media Temple
$20.00 100 GB 1 TB Read Instant Deployment on the Grid; 30-day Money Back Guarantee - Click Here!

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