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UNIX Web Hosting systems are known for their reliability, stability, scalability, performance and even their resilience during high stress periods. Based on your needs and preferences, Unix Web hosting may be a perfect fit, especially for those developers prefer to program in Perl, PHP or Python. Along with being extensible, another major benefit of UNIX hosting is the availability of free scripts on the Internet. UNIX web hosting accounts include the ability to upload CGI scripts of your choice to improve Web site effectiveness. Lastly, UNIX systems are fairly safe when it comes to malware and virus threats with patches available for most known threats.

Most Popular Unix Web Hosting Plans & Coupons

The following are the most popular Unix Web Hosting plans (and the related promo codes) among WHdb's visitors:

Provider Monthly Price Storage Bandwidth Review Coupon

Yahoo! Small Business Web Hosting
$7.99 500 GB 5 TB Read New Yahoo! Web Hosting Pricing

Network Solutions
$7.99 500 GB Unlimited Read New hosting purchases are only $5.99/month with code HOST0004AF.

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