Top 25 Most Influential People in the Web Hosting Industry

If you’re in your late teens or older, you probably know how dramatically the Web hosting industry has changed since the dawn of the twenty-first century (a mere eight years ago). Web 2.0 was born, and it spawned children named Tweets, Apps and Blogs. Broadband crawled the globe, and wireless continues to expand. Open source software and content now has equal respect, if not equal footing, with proprietary holdings. All these changes and more have altered Web hosting’s face as users become more involved with actual creation of interface and content.

But, who are the folks behind these dramatic changes? Who started hi5 Networks, one of the world’s largest social networks today? Who’s helping Dell become more environmentally friendly, and who’s the person behind Google’s financial success? We’ll tell you about these people and more, through the 25 most influential people in the Web hosting industry listed below.

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Follow the Rainbow: 101 Color Resources for Web Designers

Do you freak out if someone asks you to match print colors to Web colors? Or, maybe you just can’t decide whether the orange would work better with the blue or the green. Either way, many designers may not realize how easy it is to choose a palette for that new Web design. Additionally, many designers might be surprised to learn that they can stay on top of color trends with a few visits to fashion design Web sites.

All those tips and more are listed below in this list of 101 color resources for Web designers. The categories are listed alphabetically as are all the links contained within each category. Although the sites are numbered, this does not mean that one site is better than others. Visit them all and bookmark the ones that will help you become the most color-savvy Web designer around.

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