50+ (Actually Useful) Webmaster Coupons — $7,950.16 in Free Web Marketing

What with gas prices, rental price hikes, and more, you’re trying to save money, right? Well, businesses know this, and they want to help. So, they’re pushing coupons out in force. The following coupons will save you almost $8,000.00 in marketing, public relations, print, and Web costs — a savings that easily could pay for gas for a year!

The following coupons are numbered, but this does not mean that we value one coupon or business over another. They are listed in alphabetical order under each category for ease of use. We do need to warn you that many coupons expire, often without notice. So, jump on these deals today before you lose their money-saving values.

This post has been updated as of January 2016, to ensure that the deals listed below are still valid. As a result, some offers have been removed since the blog was originally posted.


Online advertising is a necessity for any business, as you can reach compatible markets through a variety of methods. Through the coupons listed below, you can save up to $884.75 in email services, online ads, free press release distribution and more.

  1. Best of the Web: Drive targeted traffic to your site through premier placement in relevant categories. Best of the Web is so confident of their services that they offer sixty days free to new customers. This is a savings of $99.90
  2. Clicksor: Use coupon code “Coupon2007” to receive a $20.00 bonus on sign-up with Clicksor’s contextual advertising.
  3. Email Newsletters: Convert your contacts into customers with the advice from this eBook. No credit card required. This is a free download, originally priced at $29.95. Template Zone also carries other free resources, including free email templates and more.
  4. Facebook: Receive $50.00 Facebook ads with coupon code “2JXY-WTFK-72Y0-VJ6Y.” And, you can sign into Facebook, add the Visa Business Network App, and receive a coupon for $100.00 in advertising credit. Total, $150.00 savings.
  5. Free Press Release: Why pay for press release marketing? Distribute your press release to news engines and search engines immediately and save up to $200.00 or more for this service.
  6. Network Solutions: Use coupon code, “OFFERCOUM1”, to receive $25.00 off an order of $150.00 or more on their online products. This offer is good until the end of this month.
  7. RSSMagician: Use the code “LUCKYYOU4876000” to receive twenty percent off your order with RSSMagician. If you take on their blog solution, you could save at least $40.00.
  8. StreamSend: Take a test drive of StreamSend and launch your first email marketing campaign in minutes. They offer free service for thirty days for a savings of up to $159.90.
  9. Survey Gizmo: This company provides you with a way to gauge your online advertising through surveys. Use coupon code “UPG723” to save various amounts depending upon the account you open. You can save up to $60.00 for an Enterprise account.

Print Matter

Even if your presence is mainly online, you’ll need business cards and stationery, personalized checks and even a brochure, to help promote your product or service. The following coupons can help you reach those goals, as they could help you save up to $748.60.

  1. Checks Unlimited: Go through this link to save up to fifty percent on your business checks. You can save at least $37.00 on 600 desk sets.
  2. endicia: This company already provides a free 30-day trial upon sign-up, but you can receive an additional 30 days with coupon code “ABEL05”. The savings to you is $9.95 per month, or $19.90 for two months free standard service.
  3. InkGrabber: If you really want to save some cash, you’ll do tons of printing at the office (or home office). This site will help with ink costs with ten percent off all ink cartridge orders if you use coupon code “saver.” The savings will vary, but if you order five HP Color LaserJet 1500L cartridges, you can save up to $30.00.
  4. iPrint.com: This site has a ton of different discounts for most of their products, including twenty percent off post-its, thirty percent off business cards, and more. So, make a list and check it twice – you can save over $100 or more with a stationery order, but you also can save on rubber stamps, photo gifts and more.
  5. Moo.com: Although Moo.com is located in London, they deliver their printing to you no matter where you’re located. Give them a shot with this link for their new bulk discounts. They’re offering twenty percent off business cards and fifteen percent off postcards. You save $17.97 on business cards and $9.98 on postcards (not including possible savings on postage!). The total savings? $27.95.
  6. Overnight Prints: Don’t pay full price for postcards. Use the coupon code “POSTCARDSALE” to receive up to $50.00 off an order of 1,000 postcards.
  7. Paper.com: For a limited time, save twenty percent on select summer-themed invitations, letterhead, flat cards and more. This could translate into a savings of $80.00 or more if you need 1,000 summer-themed invitations.
  8. PhotoWorks: If you need photos of your staff, your products, or of a job well done for promotions, try this link for 25 free prints. Twenty-five prints at PhotoWorks usually run $.15 per print, so you can save $3.75.
  9. Printing for Less: Receive 25% off on your first time orders from Printing for Less with coupon code “NCJS8”. If you need 250 stationery, envelopes and business cards, order them all at once and save at least $200.00, as you also can receive a free box of business cards with your stationery order (no coupon needed for the free business cards).
  10. Vistaprint: Use this link to get twenty-five percent off anything on the site. You could go wild, but we’ll say that you can save at least $200.00 on various ‘necessities’.

Search Engine Optimization

If you’re in business, you can’t avoid dealing with search engine optimization. The correct implementation of this practice does, after all, define your ranking on search engines. The following SEO coupons and savings will put about $581.23 back into your pocket.

  1. AOLStalker: Use coupon code “000301626” to receive thirty percent off entire store and online purchases. Since this is an open-ended savings, depending upon what you purchase, we’ll say you can save at least $30.00.
  2. BlogSolution: Use coupon code “luckyyou4876000” to receive a twenty percent discount on BlogSolution materials. The final current price on BlogSolution products is $207, so you will save $41.40.
  3. iNeedHits: This company usually runs various ‘percent off’ deals on many of their services. In this instance, you can save at least $39.90 on their Basic Search Engine package.
  4. INetZeal: Use coupon code “INZBUZZ” to receive twenty percent off any service. You can save at least $330.00 if you opt for their ‘Package 2C,’ which contains everything from press release writing to detailed SEO reports.
  5. MarketingProfs: Use coupon code “newbasic: to receive twenty percent off their premium membership for new members. The premium membership currently is $149.95 per year, so you’ll save $29.99.
  6. Register.com: When you sign up for Register.com’s r.Submit and r.Promote packages, you receive one month free. This equates to a total savings of $44.94. No coupon code needed.
  7. SEO Tutor: Use this link to save $30.00 on SEO Tutor’s training materials. They also offer 250+ online directories, which they say are “worth their weight in gold!” Since gold fluctuates in value, we won’t add that amount.
  8. Submit Suite: You don’t need a coupon code for this special, but you might want to act fast. Submit Suite is offering a deal where you can purchase their complete Search Engine Optimization Suite package and get a 25% discount. This translates to a savings of $35.00.

Search Marketing

Most search engines will provide a PPC coupon code to help you get started, although these codes usually don’t apply to an initial minor deposit to activate the account. Instead, they will apply toward your activated account. At any rate, the combined savings below totals $897.50!

  1. 1Second: 1Second currently is celebrating its ten-year anniversary, and they want to give all customers a free $100.00 advertising bonus.
  2. eValueBuy Search: If you sell products, this site will enhance your sales. This site will match the deposit you put in a new account up to $100.00.
  3. Miva: If you sign up with Miva now, you’ll receive a $25.00 free credit toward your advertising with this search engine vehicle.

Design Help

You may know how to optimize any search engine, market your wares, and sell ice cubes to polar bears, but you may not know the first thing about how to design your marketing materials. The following folks can help, and their savings and coupons will return up to $360.70.

  1. Getty Images: Use coupon code “4n4pc46n” to receive twenty percent off a single transaction before the end of the year (as in December 31). This coupon is somewhat limited, as you cannot use it for Dick Clark Productions and Artbeats footage clips, Pump Audio, Orchard and Media Manager. However, if you use it for one image, you can save at least $9.80.
  2. iStock: Use coupon code “lynda303” to receive twenty percent off an order of $50 or more stock photographs and illustrations. Minimum savings is $10.00.
  3. LogoBee: Enter coupon code “2309” when you place your order for a logo, and you’ll receive $20.00 off a professional design.
  4. Logoworks: Use coupon code “hpinvent” to receive $50.00 off any Logoworks package.
  5. Photoshop Support: Use coupon code “save20pss” at this do-it-yourself site and save twenty percent on tutorials. You can pocket up to $10.00 and more at this site with this coupon.
  6. Shutterstock: If you need stock photos for print or for your Web site, use the coupon code in the link to receive ten percent off a subscription at Shutterstock. This coupon could save you up to$255.90 on a one-year account.
  7. Stockxpert: Click on that link for Stockxpert to receive five free credits when you sign up for their stock photo solutions. This is a savings, minimum, of $5.00.

Marketing and Public Relations

The following coupons can save you up to $4,121.00 in services from marketing professionals, public relations experts, and tools for DIY marketing and promotion.

  1. 1888 Press Release: You don’t need a coupon code to receive almost seventy percent off this company’s press release services. They offer over $200.00 minimum services for free when you register to send a press release.
  2. Branders: You can slap your logo on thousands of items offered through this online venue. Samples are free, and new customers can apply a $50.00 credit to an order of already low-priced merchandise.
  3. PR Newswire: This news and press release service is dedicated to helping small business owners with their marketing tools. For a limited time, you can take advantage of their free PR Toolkit, as well as more than $1,400 in free and discounted services.

Web Site Specials

You can save thousands of dollars through the coupons offered through this site, but the following handful of Web site promotions are ones that aren’t listed. Take advantage of these savings, that amount to $356.38.

  1. GoDaddy Shopping Cart: With this Quick Shopping Cart, you can create and publish a stand-alone Internet store or add one to your existing Web site in a matter of minutes. GoDaddy will help you save by offering discounts on already low prices and special deals to seal the sale. Currently, you can save as much as $6.38 per month on their top Premium Package, and you also receive (among other goodies) a $200 credit toward Microsoft’s adCenter and a $50 credit toward your Google AdWords account. Total savings amount to $256.38.
  2. Lynda.com: Learn about code, accessibility, usability, color and more through Lynda Weinman’s site. Coupon code “ug200otl” will provide you with $50.00 off an annual subscription (does not work with premium subscription).
  3. Hostpapa and PromoPeople: Receive a free $50 coupon for PromoPeople towards your first order when you purchase any hosting package at HostPapa. You save $50.00, no code needed.