10 Best Web Hosts for Hardcore Developers Compared — 2009

If you’re a hardcore developer, you might look for a hosting service provider who can supply the widest assortment of frameworks, languages and scripting options possible, right? But, then again, if you specialize in a software development process, you may look for a hosting provider who can offer that specialty on a server designed to uphold that development. For instance, Ruby on Rails folks will gravitate to hosts that provide that option, ASP.NET developers will want Windows servers.

To help you, as a developer, find the right hosting service for your passion(s), we searched for some of the most diverse and specialized providers among the bunch here at WHDb. What we came up with may surprise you, as some of the names are obscure, the companies may be small, and the prices are beyond belief as they’re so low. Of course, if you want to pull the dedicated server option, the prices listed below won’t hold water.

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10 Best VoIP Web Hosts Compared — 2009

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a fairly complex telephony technology that requires quality of service, traffic management and security from any Web host provider. But these same needs are what makes many providers hesitant to offer the service. Additionally, the provider must have the expertise and resources to not only implement VoIP, but to make sure it’s a good fit for a particular client. The ideal hosting provider will help clients operate, manage, and keep the VoIP protocol up-to-date as well.

But, it seems that more Web hosting services are beginning to offer VoIP services and products as well. While some host providers might be able to explain their products and why they work, others may not. Still others may offer everything you need — all, of course, except the VoIP.

What do you need for a great VoIP service provider? Basically, the client who wants a dynamic VoIP support system will look for IP multimedia communications services with high-fidelity voice quality and near-zero latency. These objectives can be accomplished with a service that provides an all-optical network and multiple redundancies. And, you’ll need a VoIP system, if your Web host doesn’t provide the setup. You can hook up an inexpensive microphone to your computer or connect a phone directly to a VoIP telephone adapter (ATA). Or you can use a SIP Phone. Each SIP phone is a network endpoint, and voice is routed through its IP address. SIP phones also allow full use of advanced features like voice mail to e-mail and auto attendant.

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