Just in time for the new year, we have relaunched WHdb.com. After implementing our new design and look & feel a few months ago, we got to work revamping the code the powers our web hosting provider database. We also spent (many) hours researching providers and updating their plan and support data. The result is a more up-to-date and comprehensive database of hosting plans, that is (hopefully) more user-friendly and value-added.

Hosting Specialties

Browsing web hosts with specific attributes was a favorite feature of the old WHdb, and this feature is back and better than ever. Besides more pedestrian specialties such as OS (e.g. Linux hosts), language support (e.g. Ruby hosts), and plan limits (e.g. hosts with unlimited bandwidth plans), we also have categorized some less-encountered / less-researched specialties (e.g. green hosts and free speech web hosts).

Application Hosting

Another popular feature of the old site that is reborn, is the application hosting section of the site. Of course we have obvious favorites like the database of WordPress hosts or osCommerce hosts, but we have also categorized some slightly rarer apps: e.g., MediaWiki hosts. On each app page we’ve listed the required language and database support, just as extra confirmation that the providers do indeed support the app in question.

Provider Reviews

Our provider reviews are (we think) completely different from those found on competing “web hosting directories”. We do not attempt to provide editorial reviews or user-generated reviews but instead have collected a wheelbarrow full of qualitative and quantitative data on each provider, from both the providers’ official sites as well as reliable third party information sources. Here are a few examples of the new provider pages: In Motion Hosting, Mister dot Net, WebHostingHub.

Provider Support Information

A brand new feature and page type (that was not found on the old WHdb) is the provider support information page. We believe that information like a provider’s support hours and uptime status might be helpful when doing purchase research, but also helpful to current customers who are wondering if their provider is “up” at any given time. We plan to further iterate and improve this page type in the coming months. Here are a few examples of this page type: GoDaddy support info, Dreamhost support info.

Coming Soon: Hosting Plan Screener

What we did not manage to push live in this current release is our planned web hosting plan screener. Essentially, it will be a form that allows you to filter through our entire database of providers/plans using your own custom criteria (e.g., you may be looking for a hosting plan on a Linux box, with unlimited bandwidth and PostgreSQL databases, for a certain price point). We do plan to push a screener live early in 2013 so please stay tuned.

All in all, we are very please with the site relaunch. Special thanks to our developer Dan for the hard work (including that one night during launch week where I got 3:23am Basecamp notifications). And thank you to all the WHdb site users: you’re the whole reason we exist!

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