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If you want to learn to code then following an online course is a good step in that direction. however, it’s an investment that can be costly, not just money but in time to.

There are numerous courses online and I have experience with many of them and with this knowledge I have put together a review of some of the most popular providers.

Points for this review include the cost, the format and how interactive the course material is found this course as well as a rating based on my experience.


This is the most interactive of all of the resource I am reviewing here today and in my opinion, it makes it absolutely perfect for complete beginners. Treehouse will introduce you to a single topic of your choice to a very high level. The content is high quality and well produced. Teaching is delivered with videos followed by quizzes and code challenges that are smart enough to know how to guide the learner if they make a mistake by analyzing their input.

In my opinion, Treehouse can leave more experience developers feeling like their hands are being held too tightly and I find the depth of learning sometimes slows down the pace a little too much.

Topics | Various developmet
Website | Treehouse
Cost | Paid – 1 Week Trial
Format | Video / Quizzes / Interactive tasks
Community | Yes


This is by far my preferred resource for staying up to date with coding skills. I find the teaching style engaging and easy to follow. Plus the content gets to the good stuff quickly. But no so that you are skipping the basics. I find that you can gain a deep understanding of code and not just PHP or the training focus, the Larval framework. Javascript and development tools are covered too.

I do find that the material can sometimes seem a little fast paced and might be better for those who are not completely new to the development world. There is a community to help out those who get stuck but I still know new developers who feel put off by the pace.

Topics | Laravel PHP – Tools
Website | Laracasts
Cost | Paid – 2 Week Trial
Format | Video / Quizzes / Interactive tasks
Community | Yes


This is a resource that teaches popular languages using articles and interactive challenges. I know a lot of people that got started in coding throughout Code Academy including some of my co-workers. proof if you need it that the online method of learning can lead to a fulfilling career.

This is a popular resource with a good clear tuition with the added benefit of being free, so for some the only possible resource. My own experience with code academy was not so great, as I found that sometimes the interactive challenges were glitchy and they take a while to fix these issues when they occur.

Topics | Various Technical
Website | Codecadamy
Cost | FREE to all, does include a Pro version
Format | Articles / Interactive tasks
Community | Yes

Tuts Plus

The format for Tuts Plus is for students to watch videos and follow along. Topics are centred around code and creativity and mostly aimed at web design, development, and other digital creative industries. The videos are high quality in-depth and easy to follow along.

Without the interactive features, it can still be hard to stay focused however the tutorials cover practical projects and are leave you feeling like you want to carry on as they adopt the learn by doing approach.

Topics | Various technical creative
Website | Tuts Plus
Cost | Paid
Format | Video
Community | Limited


Linda in another video only tutorial resource, members will find a massive resource of learning materials, on topics that stretch beyond code. Often the same topics are covered by multiple tutors. Quizzes can be part of the format by pausing the videos and again users learn by following along.

Like tuts plus I think you need to be good at staying focused on the videos to learn that material as it lacks the feedback from interactive features.

Topics | Various
Website | Linda
Cost | Paid – 2 Week Trial
Format | Video
Community | Yes Limited


I’m new to Udemy but I’m finding that the quality is very high. Udemy is yet another video format way of learning with occasional articles to supplement learning. Unlike the other video only providers, you will find multiple variations of the subject, however, users can only purchase one resource at a time.

As much as I like a choice I do think that it’s a good thing that Udemy restricts the options of course that users can take, unlike Linda and Tuts Plus I’m not course hopping looking so much and staying more focus. Plus the course content is very engaging.

Topics | Various
Website | Udemy
Cost | Courses cost around $200 but that’s fine as they seem to be in almost permanent sale mode with as much as 94% off at any given time.
Format | Video
Community | Yes

Kahn Academy

If you are a visual person looking at learning code then Khan Academy could be your best choice for learning the principles of programming. New developers start out by learning how to draw in JavaScript, they learn what they need to complete visual challenges picking up an understanding of the foundations without thinking about thinks to technically.

Kahn Academy is for people that love learning, their whole ethos is that anyone can achieve coding skills with the right attitude by praising and encouraging persistence.

Topics | Various
Website | Kahn Academy
Cost | Free to all
Format | Video / Quizzes / Interactive tasks
Community | Yes