Keep visitors by using these UI features with care

UI tricks to avoid

A poor user experience can derail the success of a website. Many web designers risk turning their visitors away in frustration because poor User Interface choices are contributing to a bad user experience.

Following web trends can easily lead web designers into this trap. What looks cool in design circles can be off-putting to visitors.

This article looks at some UI no no’s and explores how a web designer might bend the rules to include them in a way their visitors won’t mind.

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Three types of landing pages and when to use them

Landing page design

Everyone is looking for high conversions for their website, and this does not apply only to those who are selling an actual product, be it physical or digital. Service providers such as small businesses equally seek to gain leads for their services and publishers are looking to attract viewers for their content.

What is a conversion?

To define a conversion, it is the completion of an action on a website by the website’s visitor. The web designer will put together the elements of a page with the intention of the visitor completing this action.

This action needs to:

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Reboot your SEO strategy for the modern web

One thing that has changed virtually beyond all recognition on the web is search. Incredible advancements in AI and algorithms brought to us by popular search engines deliver an ever advancing user experience capable of interpreting our intention when searching and learning from our language when we search for something it has not encountered before.

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Get started on the journey of building your new website

You may be surprised by how many decisions need to be made when managing a new website. If you’re just getting started on your journey it’s not unusual to feel a mixture of excitement for the challenge you have ahead of you and daunted by the array of topics you need to learn about.


It’s true web design and development can be complex to understand so these four key topics will help you get started with what you need to be considering as you get started.

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50+ (Actually Useful) Webmaster Coupons — $7,950.16 in Free Web Marketing

What with gas prices, rental price hikes, and more, you’re trying to save money, right? Well, businesses know this, and they want to help. So, they’re pushing coupons out in force. The following coupons will save you almost $8,000.00 in marketing, public relations, print, and Web costs — a savings that easily could pay for gas for a year!

The following coupons are numbered, but this does not mean that we value one coupon or business over another. They are listed in alphabetical order under each category for ease of use. We do need to warn you that many coupons expire, often without notice. So, jump on these deals today before you lose their money-saving values.

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