Build on Bootstrap for fast and quality web design

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Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile projects on the web.

You have probably come across Bootstrap as a web designer along with other technologies such as Sass, LESS, Grunt, Gulp, npm ect and felt like it you need to absorb an avalanche of knowledge before you can get started on your website. This can feel like overkill for smaller sites too.

With Bootstrap this is not the case, you can get started either with free or premium themes and keep adding components as your needs require and everything just works with at most minor adjustments to the code.

If you’re not using Bootstrap, in your frontend web design, then you’re working too hard, especially if you are not using an alternative grid system like Foundation. I think you will see a great improvement in the speed and quality of your final design.

Here are 5 great reasons to work with bootstrap

Great Documentation – Every aspect of Bootstrap is well explained with examples provided over on the Bootstrap website.
Works brilliantly with WordPress – In fact, many themes, both free and premium make use of the Grid. WordPress and Bootstrap become an incredible combination when used together. It’s not limited to WordPress either; Bootstrap can be applied to anything using CSS.
Super flexible – It is easy to customize mobile and responsive layouts down to the finest details.
Fast development – The origins of Bootstrap lie with Twitter who developed and expanded on Bootstrap to encourage rapid prototyping.

Now that I have given you an introduction to the benefits of Bootstrap I will now share with you my favorite resources for building on Bootstrap. This brings me to another great feature of Bootstrap; its popularity means there are many resources available discover and share.

Free themes with Start Bootstrap

free bootstrap themes
Start Bootstrap is a collection of free to download Bootstrap themes and templates. They use the most upup to datedate version of Bootstrap and even allow for their themes to be used commercially. I have used Start Bootstrap many times when I need to get a small website design built fast.

Premium themes with Wrap Bootstrap

premium wrap Bootstrap themes
I discovered Wrap Bootstrap when I was searching for high-quality pre-built themes were the only options available were Bootstrap.
I have had many success with website themes found on this site and have used them to quickly deliver client projects.

Components with Bootsnip

components with Bootsnip
A site of user-created snippets for Bootstrap, things from different style buttons to full page layouts can be found here. If I need to add a gallery, a form or a login field and feel confident it will be easy to integrate with the existing theme I am working with. Also good for foundation users.

Admin themes with Admin LTE

admin lte admin theme
You may recognize the admin theme known as AdminLTE, it’s very popular as the theme for a website admin and frequently used in SaaS applications. I have even tried premium admin themes that cannot beat the features and build of this admin theme as it is so easy to use.

I have said already that I find this easy to use, but if you are a beginner, I can understand that this can seem quite daunting. Afterall Bootstrap has expanded over the years adding even more rich features.

In this case, I recommend using the getting started guide to help you how to install and get started with Bootstrap. I also recommend having a reasonably good grasp of CSS HTML and JS before getting started and playing around with some of the core features before getting started straight away with a theme.

A pro tip is to make use of the Bootstrap CDN; this will allow you to make use of Bootstrap styles without having it stored directly on your hosting server. A CDN is possible because many other website access Bootstrap features and they become cached. A CDN takes advantage of this and allows these to load quicker.

Don’t worry if it is not cached as Bootstrap CSS files will just load normally just without the speed boost.

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Find a coding course that suits your learning style

learn to code

If you want to learn to code then following an online course is a good step in that direction. however, it’s an investment that can be costly, not just money but in time to.

There are numerous courses online and I have experience with many of them and with this knowledge I have put together a review of some of the most popular providers.

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When to start using a framework for web development beginners

Many web development beginners ask the same questions about using frameworks.

Developers will frequently ask me:

Should I be using a Framework?

Which framework should I be using?

Which is the best framework will earn me the most money?

Which framework gives me the best chance of employment?

In this article, I will attempt to answer these questions from the perspective of a PHP developer. Many of the answers do cross over for developer interested in JavaScript.

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Zero to WordPress hero, your guide to becoming a WordPress professional

Become a WordPress pro

So you have decided you would like to learn or level up your WordPress skills. Anyone can take this journey. Maybe you’re already a WordPress hobbyist, dabbling in your spare time or maybe you’re crossing over from another related field like frontend web developer.

WordPress is a wise choice. It’s easy to learn and easier than a lot of people think to lift your skills above the average. And when you get there you will find there is plenty of demand for skilled developers to work on the CMS that runs a good sized portion of the web.

So let’s get started!

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Get familiar with browser developer tools for speedy debugging

Browser development tools have been around for a long time and have and for web designers, these form defined place in the workflow. I use development tools in my own projects very frequently to the point that I probably take them for granted. But every so often I do hear a new announcement or discover a trick that makes me remember how useful they are and how I really could not live without them.

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Think like a user to boost your websites performance

website performance

When a web developer sits down to start working on the task of optimising the performance of their website they are likely not thinking of the outcome in the same way as the user.

Typically a developer has a tool set to measure their performance and can tell you to the nearest millisecond how fast their CSS file loaded and how fast the frame rate is in their animation.

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An introduction to the power of Web Components

Recently Web Components have been gaining and increasing amount of momentum for web app development. It is easy to see why as the inclusion of web components in a project allow the building of faster, smaller and smarter HTML. If this is the kind of code you would like to build into your project then Web components will help you achieve this.

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