Simple Trick To Finding Cheap Web Hosting That Isn’t Awful

Everyone wants the best deal at the best price. There is nothing wrong with that, but choosing a good host is about more than finding the lowest price. When it comes to hosting there is no shortage of options. There is also an abundance of providers seemingly offering the world for rock bottom prices.

There’s a lot of web hosting out there that is awful, especially on shared hosting plans. A quick trip to the reviews section for such hosting plans will often yield several people saying their sites were slow or would be often down. Shared hosting is usually the cheapest type of hosting out there – good for the budget-minded, but it also allows web hosts to cram several accounts onto one server with no resources dedicated to a given site.

Not all shared hosting is bad though, and there are a couple reliable ways to weed out the bad actors in web hosting. First, look for a 99.9% uptime guarantee from the web host as well as a commitment to 24/7 customer service. Second, create a list of requirements you need for host and find plans that meet those needs without bloating the price on features you don’t need. Read on to learn how to easily find these things and save you both time and stress the next time you need to shop for web hosting.

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Telltale Signs You Need A New Web Host

The hosting provider and plan that you choose to use can have a direct impact on the quality of service your website users receive, both positive or negative. Furthermore, it can transform the ease of how you manage your website.

You should never be complacent about your hosting provider: if the service you’re experiencing is less than ideal for you, then it’s likely to be the same for your visitors too. This can absolutely crush the experience your users have on your site, impacting both your sales and your rankings. In this case, it may be time to consider if the host is right for you.

Poor customer service, slow page speeds, websites crashes, usage alerts, and having find workarounds or contact support on a regular basis are all signs that you may need to look for a new hosting plan or provider. Sometimes you may just need to upgrade your package, sometimes you may need to change your host altogether. Read more to learn how each sign could be impacting your site’s potential and if you need a new host or plan.

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How To Find The Perfect Web Hosting For Your Needs

Finding the perfect web hosting is as easy as getting a plan that meets your requirements without excessive features and specifications going to waste. Okay – it’s probably not that easy since understanding what your needs are can be a challenge if you don’t know where to begin.

In order to find a web hosting plan that supports your website goals, you need to understand the size of your current audience, determine its potential growth, assess your resources, and identify what features are relevant to your website. This will result in establishing a set of minimum requirements that you can use to assess a hosting plan. The following steps will guide you through that process.

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Web Hosting Basics: Everything You Need To Get Started

In today’s world, everything is done online. Having an online presence allows you to reach others in ways that were previously impossible, making the benefits of having one obvious. However, starting a website can be a confusing and daunting task.

The basics of web hosting include understanding what web hosting and domains are; learning how data storage, bandwidth, and uptime impact your website, and what type of hosting is appropriate for your business.

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