With Dedicated Hosting, server hardware is completely allocated to your account, ensuring that all of the machine’s resources goes towards your web hosting. Dedicated hosting is great for larger businesses that want flexibility for future growth as the hardware can be upgraded as the company expands. Even though dedicated isn’t as commonly offered as other types of hosting, several hosts are listed below, allowing you to sort by popularity or by lowest plans. The prices below list the cheapest configurations available from hosts.

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How Dedicated Hosting Compares To Other Types

Dedicated hosting is the next step up from VPS hosting. While VPS hosting provides a guaranteed amount of resources for your account, the server’s universal resources are still shared with other accounts. Dedicated hosting reserves the entire machine for your account and allows you to upgrade components of the server – or the server itself.

Dedicated hosting doesn’t have the benefit of running on multiple machines as cloud hosting has. However, having full control over what is running on a machine allows you to refine security to your exact needs and removes the risk of other accounts running sites with security vulnerabilities.

The other types of hosting, the server is already built and configured, allowing you to choose a plan with an appropriate amount of resources for your site. Dedicated hosting, on the other hand, requires you to choose from available hardware to build the server – even giving you the option of what operation system to run, Linux or Windows. Control panels, like cPanel and Plesk, are sometimes licensed for free, but not always.

Benefits Of Dedicated Hosting

The ultimate benefit of dedicated hosting is that you have
full control over the technical setup of the server and its contents. Its
performance is almost entirely decided by you and the hardware you decide to
build it with. Common components that you’re able to customize are:

  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Primary drive
  • Secondary drive
  • Backup drive
  • Operating system
  • Data center location

Dedicated hosting generally yields superior security for two main reasons: first, security measures can be followed to your exact specifications. Second, no other accounts go onto your machine like they do with shared hosting. While server security is usually good enough to prevent spill over from other accounts, they can be taken over and start consuming space and bandwidth. This can impact your site’s performance if left unchecked.

While dedicated hosting provides better choice, performance,
and security over other types of hosting, it is also among the most expensive.

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