When a hosting plan mentions emails as a specification, it is referring to the amount of email accounts that can be created, not the amount of emails you can send or store. Plans with unlimited emails are usually featured along with unlimited domains and storage. If you’re looking for unlimited email accounts, check out the plans below grouped by popular web hosts and cheapest plans.

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Using Emails Without Web Hosting

Emails require a few things to function properly: a registered domain name, a server that can send out emails, and some place to store those emails. While email accounts do not require a live website associated with them, they require hosting in order to keep emails somewhere. Having a domain name registered is simply not enough.

That said, many web hosts offer email hosting as
a standalone product as well as domain-only hosting. Both email and domain-only
hosting give you space to store emails and send them out. These types of
hosting can be beneficial to people wanting a professional email but don’t need
a website for their business. Email hosting usually has a higher cap on emails
than domain-hosting, frequently being unlimited. Keep in mind, both types still
require an active domain name registered.

Is Unlimited Email Hosting Right For You?

Web hosting with unlimited emails allows you to
create as many email addresses as you need. This can be great for businesses
with a large number of employees or entrepreneurs managing several sites at
once. While email hosting is technically separate from web hosting, both count
towards used disc space on your account. Unlimited email accounts generally
come on plans with unlimited domains and storage as well but not always. Keep
this in consideration as you shop web hosts.

Unlimited emails also should not be confused
with the amount of emails you can send out. Several hosts limited the amount of
emails you can send within an hour. This is done to prevent their servers from
becoming blacklisted either through regular use or a bot. If you’re a small
business, don’t worry! This cap is usually in the hundreds. Small business
usually do not need access to unlimited email accounts unless they require
their customers to create emails as well.

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